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Oreo Speedwagon

I’m looking after my brother’s dog for a few days. His name is Oreo, like the biscuit because he’s dark brown and white, and we’re told he’s a Breton Spaniel. He’s about two years old and my brother got him two months ago from a charity that rescues dogs from Europe.
It is thought that Breton Spaniels are used as bird dogs to flush birds out of the undergrowth, but Oreo obviously wasn’t very good at his job, or he wouldn’t have been found wandering the streets. But he’s hugely interested in the birds in my garden especially the great spotted woodpeckers on the feeders, that he stares at through the window.
He was found in a Spanish “killing station” a holding place for stray and unwanted dogs, and was to have been put down the following day.
He’s very sweet and eager to please and ┬ávery bright. He learned to sit and lie down in a couple of hours, but I guess he might have already been taught that in Spanish. I’ll really miss him when he goes home tomorrow.